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Bucket Half Full: Raising ALS Awareness One #IceBucketChallenge Video at a Time

Blog, Healthcare, Social Media | August 21, 2014

Taking the world by an icy storm, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has quickly gone from a fundraising campaign to a viral Internet sensation, raising $30.5 million so far for the ALS Association to research amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or Motor Neuron Disease (MND), … Read More

Wellness in the Workplace, Making Employee Health a Priority

Blog | August 6, 2014

By Lisa Cancian, Senior Consultant I’ve always been a health fanatic. Whether it’s fitting in a fitness class, prepping a nutritious lunch, or getting enough Z’s, like many, I do my best to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the midst … Read More

Checking the Facts: The Rise of “Aggressive Correction” in Public Relations

Blog, Public Affairs | July 29, 2014

By Shane Fallowfield, Senior Consultant One of the oldest maxims of the public relations industry is “Never Pick a Fight with Someone Who Buys Ink by the Barrel.” As the ink, paper and readership of “traditional media” is replaced with … Read More

“What your chores say about your sex life”: Brand identity and maintaining the mystery

Blog, Consumer | July 9, 2014

By Laura Maize, Account Coordinator Digital and Research When we walked into our monthly Friday afternoon GCI Salon, to a presentation entitled “What your chores say about your sex life”, we were confused and a bit worried. But when we … Read More

Big Spending and Big Restraint in Throne Speech

Blog, Public Affairs | July 3, 2014

By Atul Sharma, SVP Public Affairs. The Kathleen Wynne government officially started at Queen’s Park today with the reading of the Speech from the Throne. Lieutenant Governor David Onley read the government’s throne speech outlining the principles it will follow … Read More

A Fine Balance: Benefits and Risk of Transparent Communication Strategies

Blog, Social Media | July 2, 2014

By Shane Fallowfield, Senior Consultant. Benjamin Franklin once said “Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead.” In today’s digital age, this maxim may require some adjustment: “Three may keep a secret, if two of them are … Read More

Cabinet Announcement Highlights Government Priorities

Blog, Public Affairs | June 25, 2014

By Atul Sharma, SVP Public Affairs. What was originally expected to be a stand pat cabinet announcement has changed into what could be considered a major overhaul in the government’s approach. The biggest news coming out of today’s Cabinet announcement … Read More

Campaign Watch 2014: Ontario Election Too Close To Call

Blog, Public Affairs | June 11, 2014

Election Ontario 2014: Too close to call By Atul Sharma, SVP Public Affairs. All the clichés are true: too close to call, down to the wire, photo finish, and the only poll that counts is the one on Election Day. … Read More

Campaign Watch 2014: Wynne or lose? Close Race Continues Following Ontario Debate

Blog, Public Affairs | June 4, 2014

Wynne or lose? Close race continues following Ontario debate By Atul Sharma, SVP Public Affairs. In one of the liveliest provincial debates in recent memory, the Opposition Leaders got an opportunity to address, right off the top, the issue they … Read More

Campaign Watch 2014: Moving Into The Home Stretch

Blog, Public Affairs | May 28, 2014

Moving into the home stretch By Atul Sharma, SVP Public Affairs. As the campaign period moves into the home stretch, people will now begin to assess the leaders to see who they think would make the better Premier. In a … Read More

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