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GCI Group and the Transgender Project celebrate the lives of Canadians embracing their true identities

GCI Newsroom | July 27, 2015

GCI is proud to partner with the Transgender Project to help raise awareness of the challenges many trans people face and bring attention to a one-of-a-kind online documentary series on the trans experience in Canada.

The Transgender Project captures the lives of transgender Canadian women and men who have begun the journey to rebuild themselves and fight for trans rights. They share moments of struggle, courage and triumph that help reflect the diversity of the trans community and what the future may hold – political and social acceptance.

The Transgender Project was created because the number one reason many transgender people delay transition is because there are very few positive stories of transition to support them. This online documentary series highlights a new start on life, the meaning of being your true self and the positivity sharing that with others can bring.

To learn more about the series and watch the videos, please visit www.thetransgenderproject.com.