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In a world where a company’s hard won reputation can be put in play in a nano-second, eternal vigilance gets new meaning. Traditional and new media blur lines and propel the speed of communication. Today’s companies have to be in the stream.

GCI’s corporate practice approaches the light-speed world of corporate communications with a simple nostrum. “Chance only favours the prepared mind.” Today’s companies must build their external and internal communication strategies and programs on “anticipation” not reaction. To be perceived as the best, as the employer of choice, the preferred investment, or a leader in the community requires a corporate communication strategy grounded in business goals, forged by a company’s culture and executed with speed and efficiency.

Corporate communications is no longer just press releases and company newsletters. It is a comprehensive program of building and protecting your corporate brand – your bulwark when citizen- media turns its attention on you and your products and services. Working with our social media and sector colleagues in our consumer, health and public affairs practice we integrate perspective and work to deliver advantage for our clients. We take particular delight in introducing companies new to Canada to media, corporate and government relations in this country and working with our partners overseas helping Canadian companies chart paths in the growing world markets.

We would love to talk… and think… and innovate to help you meet your goals.

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