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The Age of Person-Centric Healthcare

Blog, Digital, Healthcare | September 30, 2015

By Marion MacKenzie, President

I just returned from Ogilvy CommonHealth’s fabulous 2015 Worldwide Marketing Summit titled “The Age of Person-centric Healthcare” that took place in New York. Ogilvy CommonHealth is a sister company to GCI that specializes exclusively in healthcare communications. Summit organizer and Ogilvy CommonHealth Executive Vice President and Chief Digital Officer, Ritesh Patel put forward a jam-packed agenda from the implications of neuroscience on effective marketing to the high points and low points of leading effective internal digital transformation initiatives, to presentations by five new healthcare startups vying for support, financial and otherwise, from the audience.

The common theme throughout was the escalating impact and opportunities for “person-centric” or “patient-centic” healthcare and well-being initiatives driven by technology (Fitbit, mobile apps), DNA testing and big data, among others. These advancements and movements allow organizations to deliver customized prevention and treatment to individuals as well as patients and consumers with shared challenges, profiles and experiences and discrete geographic regions.

For all that, for me, the most memorable comment came from John Hearn, transformation consultant, “We (the healthcare community) don’t give meaning to the patient (or consumer) experience. The patient does.”