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What Social Trends to Expect in 2015 – Short-Form Video

Blog, Digital, Social Media | January 23, 2015

By the GCI Digital Team

Where will social media expand in 2015?

Over the course of this week GCI’s Digital Team will explore the future of social. In part three of this three part series, we’ll look at the surge of short-form video content and services.

Short form video is the new video

Think YouTube is still the be-all and end-all of video content platforms? Guess again.

While Google’s vaunted video service certainly isn’t going anywhere any time soon (in fact, the platform continues to grow at an enviable rate), app-based services like Vine and Snapchat have stepped in to fill a void that YouTube seemingly doesn’t want to touch: shareable short-form videos.

Easily digestible and inherently viral, short-form video content is fast becoming a favourite pastime of millennials, celebrities, and the tech-savvy. Whether it arrives in the form of a shareable, embeddable Vine vid, a self-destructing Snapchat “snap”, or just a plain old animated GIF file, short-form videos are here to stay.

Shot and edited quickly with little to no production value—the antithesis of the highly polished and controlled content we’re used to seeing from brands—short-form videos are by their nature rough around the edges. What works on YouTube simply might not play on Vine or Snapchat.

Navigating this landscape is going to be difficult for many traditional businesses at first, but we expect to see major brands seriously start exploring this emerging social media art form in 2015.

(Disclosure: Huggies is a client)

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