Give Reddit a chance

Put me in coach! There’s a shameless soccer analogy to capture your attention to make a point. It’s time for everyone that has ignored Reddit, through ambivalence or otherwise, to give it a try. Let me give you a sense of why you need to give Reddit a chance and put it in your starting 11. Ok maybe going a bit too far with the soccer. How about, you need to consider putting Reddit on your home screen?

First, here are a few questions for you:

  • Do you find yourself scrolling on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, <<insert other social network>> far more often than you’d like to admit?
  • Do you have elevated levels of fatigue when seeing photos/posts of dogs, kids, or self-proclaimed foodies?
  • Do you feel let down by aggregators like Flipboard?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then it’s time to check out Reddit. It doesn’t matter which jersey you’re wearing—personal or brand. Reddit is an aggregator but with community. Community is optional, but the community is Reddit. And the community is huge: Reddit had 274 million unique visitors as of January 2017.

Before you say, “I’m not interested in visiting a site that is a design timeloop circa 2005,” I can happily inform you that it is a new day at Reddit. Previous iterations require arcane knowledge and patience to navigate. It’s all changed.

TIL Reddit has a Design Team (TIL = Today I learned) is a chronology of the changes, sometimes tongue in cheek. Wired had a great piece back in April covering the evolution. Reddit has a design team of 20 that was done a great job of making Reddit more accessible and relevant.

I came back to Reddit after I read the Wired article. My Reddit history was tepid at best but there have been some great AMAs (AMA = ask me anything) in contrast to some of the darker moments in the platform’s history (think phone hacks and photos).

Here’s the question I ask myself about any use of my digital time:

  • Am I learning anything/informed by the platform?
  • Am I entertained?
  • Does this happen consistently?

Take those three questions and compare your answers to any app on your phone or site in your browser history. What are the top apps or top sites?

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Reddit has been a welcome new addition to my phone that delivers a solid yes to all three.

What does this mean for brands? If you are a major brand, 100% there are conversations about your products and/or services on Reddit. You should know what is going on. Plus there are great options from a paid perspective.

A couple of things to get started.

  • Download the mobile app and create an account (the desktop or mobile are both fine).
  • Select some interests to start. You can go pretty deep into areas. Maybe start with 10 subreddits via your selected interests to start.
  • You will see that term “Subreddit” a lot. All that means is a topic or community—one of 45,000 that call the website home. Specific communities can be found through unique URLs, which are always I pester my kids with posts from the dad jokes subreddit which is r/dadjokes but r/worldnews can give you access to stories you wouldn’t normally see.
  • There will be other topics suggested to you over time. If you select the search tool you can go deep on interests and “subscribe” to different subreddits. I have about 30 that I really like.

It is very easy. Take my word for it.

Reddit is more accessible than ever and is great for whatever you’re interested in, both personally and professionally. Put Reddit in the game.  You won’t be disappointed.