My Top 5: Sources to stay connected

It has long been stated and overstated that we live in world of information overload. This article’s intention is not to further that overload, but to focus or streamline it for you. It might be too lofty a goal but let me stay focused!

There are many ways to stay connected to news and developments. Upon reflection I can see that the way I stay connected is a weird mix of professional and personal interests with a dash of entertainment. I love to watch Colbert’s monologue from the night before on YouTube in the morning. That’s a heavy lean towards newsy-entertainment, but the New York Times has the odd opinion piece by anonymous sources that catches my eye.

What are the sources I can’t live without?

There are many honourable mentions like Slate, Breitbart (kidding but I do look and gasp occasionally), Deadspin, Boyd’s Recap, and BuzzFeed News (yes, they do good journalism and not just quizzes). Sure, the gram and FB tell me things. The Star, LinkedIn and Twitter are in a relentless death match for 6th place. I have to admit I am more often than not disappointed in humanity on Twitter and left scrolling and scrolling for the odd nugget on LinkedIn.

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So, without further ramblings, here are my top five:

5. The Globe and Mail

I find this is my most omni-channel consumed source of news on phone, tablet, laptop or in print. I get it some way, every day (well not really Sunday, but don’t be so obsessed with precision). I do wish the electronic formats were closer to the structure of the print layout on tablet, but what do I know.

The journalistic integrity of the Globe with its stories, editorials and opinions makes me proud to be Canadian. Sure, there are columnists that I loathe but consume voraciously, and sections that are embarrassingly light (sorry Sports, although Cathal Kelly quite often has me laughing along), but the Globe covers the country in news, business and culture. It is arguably our last national newspaper, and that is quite sad when you think about it.

4. theScore app

I know, you are thinking, “ahead of The Globe and Mail?” I’ll explain myself. I love sports and theScore app has sports news and updates perfected. The Globe and Mail could learn a lot from theScore in terms of customization. theScore is a firehose. I can siphon off what I want in my own personalized side water fountain. The leagues, teams, players all can be followed to the intensity that suits your fancy.

On the downside the updates can be a bit of a spoiler when I’m streaming games, but I have trained myself to turn them off on Sunday afternoons in the fall or in evenings in the spring when my team is doing well. It is so well designed even the ads aren’t clunky and have their spot. This is hands down one of the best apps I have on my phone.

3. Reddit app

Since it’s rebirth and redesign, I have been hooked on the Reddit app on my phone. I have already gone on at length on its virtues here and I remain a fan. The way that you can customize your feed according to that weird mix of personal and professional interests is quite rewarding. I am not big on posting and making comments–being a feed consumer is quite fine with me.

2. CBC Radio app

I love this app. The funny thing is that I don’t actually own a radio anymore. The content is so good, the technology could be better, but I’ll overlook the warts for the extraordinary content. As soon as I wake up I listen to World Report. If I am close to the top of an hour, I’ll listen live or do a few clicks and scrolls over to listen on demand. I know in 10 minutes what’s happening, while I get through my daily morning struggle (read try to get my ass out from under the covers and pillows). The Current, Q, the World at Six, and As It Happens are either enjoyed live or serve as my evening podcasts.

I am truly thankful for CBC Radio. It is the only part of the CBC that I now consume. I hadn’t really thought of that till now and I think that’s also kind of sad.

1. Web Curios

This “blognewsletterthingy” is published every Friday by Matt Muir, unless he’s on vacation, like he is right now till the 28th. He graciously lets you know in advance though he’ll be vacationing whilst you, his loyal reader, will be working. Matt covers what he calls the “advermarketingpr world” with other developments in technology, art and culture.

His style is irreverent-intelligence with a slightly dark and pessimistic perspective of the “advertmarketingpr world.” This is mixed with an insightful optimism of the contributions that others are making in art, culture and technology.

I READ IT EVERY WEEK. It is incredibly informative AND entertaining. It delivers so much by one person. It is truly a passion project. I don’t know how he does it, but I hope that he never stops.

CLOSING (felt an all caps break was necessary here).

I know that some of these are NOT earth shattering. You’ve heard of them but I encourage you to try out the ones you haven’t. I said at the beginning that I guaranteed you wouldn’t know/use all of these. If you happen to, please let me know, because it would be pretty mind blowing if you had the SAME top five. Also, if you have a minute, let me know in the comments what your top five sources are.