SVP Nicole Tuschak’s passion is storytelling with a GCI team “that brings their best every day”

Nicole Tuschak—an agency veteran with more than 15 years of communications experience—loves nothing more than a good story that makes things happen. No wonder working as Senior Vice President with GCI Canada’s health & wellness and consumer practices is “a dream job,” as she puts it. Nicole has done it all on her career journey, developing and implementing integrated campaigns across a range of sectors. No matter the campaign, no matter the cause, Nicole’s career has led to strategic and tactical mastery—a mastery she now deploys for our clients at GCI Canada.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to work with and learn from amazingly smart people, but none more passionate than the team at GCI,” says Nicole.

“We work harder and smarter for our clients—we are always one step ahead and there’s nothing more exciting than working with a team that brings their best every day.”

It’s with a team where Nicole shines. She lives and breathes collaboration: leading high-performing teams that achieve their clients’ goals and reach our target audiences with impact. She’s led those winning teams to support a diverse array of clients across sectors including technology, financial services, e-commerce, corporate, entertainment, consumer packaged goods and beauty.

Her commitment to quality and award-winning work all blooms from that first seed—a passion for storytelling that inspires change. “I’m fascinated by how we can shape an audience’s perception of a brand through storytelling and how a great story can help a brand become a disruptor within their industry,” says Nicole. 

“When I think about some of the amazing campaigns I’ve had a chance to work on—from supporting a brand through their Olympic journey to driving awareness of life-saving technology—each had a unique story to share and it’s the work that we do as communicators that helps shape these stories to reach their target audiences.”