At GCI, SVP Alissa Von Bargen finds true collaboration

Alissa brings 15 years of experience in communications, journalism and public policy to GCI. She thrives on connecting the dots between communications and the broader geo-political context, with a focus on health and wellness.

Her experience working in the Ontario government in both bureaucratic and political offices informs her communications practice.

“There’s no substitute for being inside the political machinery to understand how decisions are made, what the information ecosystem truly looks like, and what levers actually effect change,” says Alissa.

Alissa’s experience spans a wide variety of fields, from economic development, aviation, Indigenous issues, community and social services, but she feels particularly drawn to health care.

“Our health is the most precious resource we have as individuals, and I’m always fascinated by the innovations we continue to make to improve it.”

Alissa’s health experience includes working across a variety of therapeutic areas such as oncology, diabetes, bone health, cardiovascular and more, and she has worked with pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, regulated health professions and non-profit organizations.

Alissa began her career as a journalist, and continues to bring that lens to her work in communications and media relations today. She focuses on building empathetic relationships with those around her to deliver best-in-class work for our clients.

“I thrive on meeting new people and learning about their work. It’s important to me that I get to know my clients on a personal level, so that I’m equipped to understand the challenges they face.”

She is also thrilled to be working with the talented idea architects at GCI.

“I love true collaboration. With very rare exceptions, I don’t believe in genius in isolation. You need brains around the table the complement each other, poke holes in each others’ assumptions, and create the best possible solution – and I’m fortunate to have that here at GCI.”

Alissa brings a variety of dynamic experience—from time spent in journalism, public affairs, non-profit, agency and political offices to helping clients navigate thorny crisis issues and bring thoughtfully crafted campaigns to life. Alissa holds a Master’s in Public Policy and Governance from the University of Toronto, which buttresses her talents for providing insightful strategic direction for clients.

Originally from Thunder Bay, Alissa enjoys foreign films, reading, yoga and spending time with her husband and her King Charles Cavalier, Theo, in her spare time.