LG—Continuous Kitchen Campaign

We deliver executional excellence in putting ideas into action. And we respect three ancient principles, the triad of masterwork architecture. We build ideas that are:

  • Solid: Based in the strong foundation of insightful strategy.
  • Beautiful: An execution with compelling storytelling.
  • Useful: Lead to success—results that deliver for clients.

Here’s how we put them to work with LG.

The strategy (solid)

Canadians generate nearly $31 billion in food waste annually, 47 per cent of which comes from home kitchens. Armed with this insight, the integrated agency team created the Continuous Kitchen platform that encouraged Canadians to produce less food waste.

The Continuous Kitchen platform featured a seven-part video series featuring Chef Chuck Hughes introducing recipes that create yummy dishes. The leftovers in turn can be made into new dishes, all with the help of LG kitchen innovations.

The execution (beauty)

We led media relations and recipe development for the launch of the video series showing Canadians how to make meals from food already in their fridge or cupboard. The campaign demonstrated how key features of LG home appliances can help preserve food as well as decrease energy usage.

The success (useful)

We helped amplify creative assets for LG Continuous Kitchen as well as generate positive coverage for the LG 2018 home appliance line-up during this campaign.

Secured over 100 stories and interviews across Canada

Empowered Canadians to reduce food waste

Engaged growing consumer concern about sustainability