These seven services put us on the map

Building ideas, like constructing a building, requires building material. At GCI Canada, these building materials are our core offerings. Our expertise in these disciplines leads to energetic creativity, allowing us to tackle every challenge with new ideas—a bespoke, strategically sound solution every time. Here are the seven offerings that put us on the map.

Research and analytics

The foundation of great ideas is knowledge—and that’s where GCI Canada’s comes in. Everything we build, we build on a foundation of research—research we do in-house using a variety of tools that help us understand the latest trends, most relevant influencers, current conversations and more. We even benefit from a panel of 50,000 Canadians whom we can ask anything and everything.

From this rich data, we develop insights that fuel our ideas towards success. It provides a concreteness to our work—knowing that the tactics we deploy and the messages we formulate are constructed to credibly appeal to the minds and hearts of our clients’ audiences.

Media and influencer relations

You’ve heard the trope: newsrooms are getting smaller and citizens are turning away from traditional media. Yet consider that Canadian trust in journalists is rising substantially. So even though newsrooms are smaller, and clients are competing for the attention of fewer journalists, those relationships have never been more important. Enter GCI Canada. We’ve built deep and positive relationships across the media industry, from writers, to newscasters, to morning show hosts. We construct media strategies that creatively solve our clients’ problems. We can help you build positive relationships and have your stories heard. And we are harnessing the growing power of social media influencers to tell those stories too—capturing an audience of followers enraptured by authentic experiences. We are on the cutting-edge of this trend, building relationships with influencers across Canada—relationships that help us expand our clients’ reach. As we conduct any campaign, we are constantly informing our strategy by measuring what matters to you and shifting tactics as needed.

Corporate communications

Benjamin Franklin once said, “it takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.” This has never been more true. Especially in an environment where we are constantly bombarded by messages, fake news is omnipresent and bad news can travel at lightning speed.

The success of an organization depends on a strong corporate reputation strategy and communicating that strategy to stakeholders. Those stakeholders can be external: your customers, your donors, your partners, and even your competitors. Or it can be internal: the very members of your staff who drive your work every day. No matter who those stakeholders are, they need to hear from you. And your ability to influence them depends on reputation. At GCI Canada, we are masters of building and maintaining the reputation of organizations—and protecting those reputations when they are under threat.

Health and wellness

The healthcare communications landscape is ever-changing. People hunger for authentic stories, real conversations, and news that provides hope for patients. Our health and wellness offering delivers all this and more.

We deliver all the things you’d expect like disease awareness campaigns, drug launches, stakeholder and influencer relations, and patient advocacy. But we also help clients push boundaries in the digital space—working with online influencers, developing social campaigns and creating bespoke digital solutions to help tell stories of hope and innovation. In this area we are proud to work and partner with GCI Health—a global leader in healthcare communications—to deliver excellence for our clients here in Canada and globally.

Digital and social

Our agency is a home for digital natives—it’s a playground we all love. It’s one reason why GCI Canada approaches digital with a sharp attention to detail. We start with research—identifying the audiences that matter to you, where they live online, and the messages they respond to. We then construct a digital strategy to deliver the messages you need these audiences to hear. Over time, using A/B testing and other techniques, we refine and develop what works and what doesn’t. And we bring deep bench strength in community management online, keeping your stories on-track and on-message.

Creative services

Appearances matter—and when it comes to delivering an idea, the wrapper can be as important as the gift itself. Our in-house creative team brings to bear that magical combination of beautiful design and nail-on-the-head copywriting, offering creative products for every need—whether articles, videos, marketing collateral, websites, and much, much more. Whether you are hosting a launch event or launching a new digital ad campaign, beautiful, on-message design adds elegance to any project. GCI Canada’s creative team offers that irresistible draw your audiences will love.

Content marketing

Life would be a lot easier if the Globe & Mail covered our news and messages just the way we would like them. Front page above the fold would be perfect. Sadly, that’s simply not the case. But the dream outcome—exactly the kind of coverage you want, when you want it, read by those who need to read it—is not.

Content marketing empowers our clients to leap frog the media and tell their stories directly, amplified through social media. We help clients become their own publisher by building them a virtual newsroom. We create content that is both informative and emotionally engaging. High-impact visuals are married to high-quality writing. And we don’t just let content live organically, hoping someone will click. We make sure the right eyeballs see our content using digital advertising tools, and amend our tactics over time reflecting audience insights.

But remember: we offer much more than just these seven services. Wondering what else we can offer you? Then click here and get a hold of us—we’d love to chat.